ERWIN GLAUB was born in Germany. His background is Czech-Hungarian. He received his AA degree from Santa Monica College and studied under Hans Burchardt and other well known artists and instructors at CSUN. Erwin has had works shown in different museums including the Santa Monica Museum and the Taipei Museum. He has had numerous gallery shows in Los Angeles. His works are collected by many celebrities and foundations. He has also donated works to notable charity fundraising events including the Parkinsons Association.

Erwin derives his imagery from the collective subconscious. He has developed his own style of “Pop Visionary Hieroglyphics.” Within his paintings, one can find multitudes of swarming beings and traveling vessels milling about in contentment or proceeding to an unknown destination in a mass of unity.

Erwin produces contemporary electronic music and you can find a song on his website called “I love Paris” of which he produced and has found its way into film.

Erwin has a vast collection of photos with celebrities of which some have collected his artwork. These photos have also been an artistic long term project along with all the gift bags. A book is in the works for the photos and gift bags he has collected from the numerous events he has attended. Erwin is also a jewelry designer whose works have been in many museum stores.

Erwin can be reached at

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